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LED Warehouse and High Bay Lighting

Making certain your facilities get quality high bay lighting is essential if you want to operate your business efficiently, comply to health and safety regulations, and ensure facility safety.

LED Warehouse Lighting and High Bay Lights

According to the U.S. Department of Energy, traditional lighting is typically one of the largest consumers of energy in a warehouse, and, as such, can represent the best opportunities for savings.

Legacy high-bay lighting devours tremendous amounts of energy and fails to meet both economic and illumination performance requirements, which encourages many industrial facilities operators to upgrade to the ultra-efficient and versatile LED technology for high bay light. LED high bay lighting is utterly transforming the energy footprint of industrial facilities.  

With LED, warehouse and other high-ceiling facility operators, can start taking control of their energy costs and eliminate the huge energy bills associated with their warehouse lighting. Today, the right LED high bay light can deliver unmatched savings while increasing facility safety, reducing the number of accidents and drops in productivity, and boosting employee productivity by raising and maintaining concentration levels.

The TETRUS Difference for LED Warehouse Lighting

With a smart modular design that affords quick and easy serviceability, longer lifespan, and lower maintenance, our LED high bay fixtures have been designed to focus light more directly to create powerful illumination at a long range.

There are many features that separate Tetrus LED high bay lighting from traditional models and other LED high bay lights, including multi-patented light distribution patterns and industrial-grade durability that ensures optimum light performance in the most rugged industrial environments with high ceilings, massive floor areas, narrow storage aisles, or anything in between.

We have made it our mission to fit our customers’ facilities with the best lighting solution for their specific economic and illumination performance requirements. Here is the Tetrus difference:

One-stop Personalized LED Warehouse Lighting

We design and manufacture our LED warehouse or high bay lights and we also handle every aspect of sales, warranty, installation, financing, and post-sales service.

Various industries and facilities require different high bay lighting.

Therefore, we devise the most appropriate solution for each client taking into account multiple parameters.

Serviceable Design for Minimum Maintenance

Competing fixtures are difficult to service because you can’t get inside them or you can’t get the parts even when you can get inside them. On the other hand, the design of our fixtures allows any electrician to get inside quickly and easily.

In addition, all components are available on stock because all components are standard across all our fixtures: drivers, wire harness, and LEDs. 

Industry-specific Experience and Innovation.

Our reputation for excellence when it comes to quality of materials and technology derives from over three decades of industry-experience, innovation, and active involvement in the advancements of LED science, which enables our LED warehouse lights to perform far better than any competing models. Our lights exceed all standards of resistance when it comes to vibrations, shock, and impact from external objects.

Modular LED Component for Extended Lifespan

Each LED component in ANY Tetrus high bay light fixture consists of several independent 50W LED modules. For example, a 100W LED fixture has two 50W LED modules, a 150 W LED fixture has three 50W LED modules, and so on. As a result, all fixtures contain the same LED module, hence the standardization. The modular design allows for the fixture to continue to glow even when an LED module goes out. A third benefit is the enhanced serviceability and inherent minimum maintenance costs of our fixtures.

Real Warranty and Support via a 24/7 Service Line

We believe that you should be able to reach us via any medium you feel comfortable with – phone, email, contact form, chat, social media – no matter where you are in the United States and what your need is. We have a 24/7 service line where you can always speak to a real live person, not a robot!

Tetrus: Your LED Light-time Partner for Warehouse Lighting

Tetrus seeks to offer lighting solutions, rather than just fixtures. There are many aspects to be considered when it comes to high bay LED lighting, including light distribution patterns, color temperature, CRI, photometric print, durability, mounting type, and more.

All these aspects must be adapted to meet the illumination and economic performance requirements specific to each business and industry. We seek to understand your business, so we can devise the best high bay LED application for you!

Typically associated with warehouses, high bay lighting has multiple additional applications across a range of industries, and our clients range from warehouses and factories to retail stores, school and university gymnasiums, community and recreation centers, conference halls, hangars, and any other facilities that needs lighting from an elevation of more than 20 feet.

If you want to request a quote for Tetrus LED high bay lights, call us today or schedule a meetingwith one of our LED lighting experts! If you want to learn more about high bay lights and your specific trade class, click here!