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TETRUS Outdoor LED Lighting Solutions for the Hospitality Industry

Outdoor lighting enhances visibility and brand awareness while inspiring a sense of security and safety

The TETRUS Advantage for Hotels

A hotel’s appearance is key to creating a positive first impression, improving curb appeal, strengthening brand identity, and inspiring a sense of safety and security. Each type of outdoor light, be it parking lot lights, wall packs, canopy, garage lights, landscape lights, swimming pool lights, or wall washers, contributes to building your hotel’s reputation for excellence while attracting more customers.

However, powering outdated outdoor lighting systems generate massive energy consumption and, implicitly, huge energy bills.

We Are Your Hotel’s LED Light-time Partner

Tetrus builds LEDs that are structurally engineered to meet industrial-grade standards as far as durability, water resistance, design, and quality of materials and labor, without the extra cost. Our LEDs feature a modular design that allows us to service our lights instead of replacing the whole fixtures so that you only have to go through the retrofitting process once, not every couple of years. Delivering the most lumens per watt, our LEDs make your location and reputation shine while saving you money.

The TETRUS Long-term Financial Advantage for YOUR Hotel

Tetrus LEDs provide 160 lumens per watt – 25-60% more than other LEDs – so that your location gets more quality light for less wattage, triggering $2,000 and more monthly energy savings. Our modular design adds serviceability to our fixtures so that we can service them for years to come without ever having to replace the whole fixtures, which translates into long-term savings. 

You save nothing if you have to replace your LED fixtures in 2-5 years because, no matter what you are not, LEDs will fail, just like everything else. The difference is that you don’t need to buy the fixtures again if you retrofit to Tetrus LEDs. You only need to service them and enjoy long-term low maintenance costs.

Our Customized Full-Service LED Lighting Solutions

Our mission is to equip your hotel with the best LED lights for your financial, visibility, safety, and security needs. Not hotels are created equal just like not LEDs are created equal. We perform a photometric analysis of your location so that you get the best fit for your hotel.

Plus, we handle everything ourselves, from design and manufacturing to installation, warranty, servicing. If you want, we even finance your project so that you don’t have to burden your cash flow with an outright payment.

The TETRUS Difference: Our Pledge to YOU and YOUR Hotel Business

We are not your typical lighting company. We don’t sell office lights or any residential lights. Focusing exclusively on outdoor LED lighting has allowed us to refine our technology and grow into leaders of our industry with a reputation for superior quality and outstanding customer service. Our mission is to become your trusted adviser when it comes to LED lighting for your hotel’s outdoor areas whether you are ready to switch to LED lighting or you are simply looking to see LED technology in the context of your specific business. Here is how Tetrus is different:

Cashflow-Friendly Financing

Your business is unique. We are here to devise the most appropriate financing option should you choose not to make an investment upfront. You can opt to remain cash-flow positive day one with one of our customizable cashflow-friendly financing options. You may just as well choose to finance your retrofit because it makes fiscal sense to do so. Thus, you can redirect the extra money where your business needs it the most. Whichever your needs may be, we have a financing option available to help you start saving money today.

Enhanced Design for Honored Warranty

When you build a product that is made to last, you are not afraid to stay in touch with your customers. When you made a product that is made to last and serviceable, you have every reason to make sure your clients can get in touch with you every time. A better design allows us to honor our warranty every time because we can afford it. Unlike other producers, we don’t need to replace the whole fixture; we only need to replace a 50W LED module irrespective of our fixture’s wattage or design.  

Serviceability via an Innovative Modular Design

With all our fixtures comprising of several of the same, independent 50W LED modules, we have standardized our outdoor fixtures and made them serviceable, an inexistent feature across the industry. Serviceability ensures that you never have to buy new fixtures again in addition to maintaining maintenance costs to a minimum. Plus, the modular allows our fixtures to deliver light despite one of the modules going out. We have you covered, and we save you money because you only need to go through the retrofitting process once.

Affordable Industrial-grade LED Outdoor Lighting

EELs or engineered end of life products are a trend across all industries, from small appliances to cell phones. Due to our standardized serviceable modular design, our LEDs are engineered for life unlike other LEDs that are engineered to fail in 3 or 5 years. In addition, our outdoor LEDs are made sledgehammer tough and ocean proof to continue to glow irrespective of the weather conditions, which minimizes maintenance costs to an even greater extent while expanding their lifespan.

The Bottom Line: A Trusted Partnership

We are not in the business of selling light bulbs and fixtures. We’re in the business of keeping your business looking its best and becoming your trusted partner. 

If you are ready to upgrade your wasteful lights to ultra-efficient LEDs, call us today or schedule a meeting with one of our LED specialists for hotels!

Learn more on benefits of LEDs for the hospitality industry and request industry-specific data here!