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Installation Network

A nationwide  installation network of Tetrus-certified electricians equipped with fully-stocked bucket trucks

The TETRUS Nationwide Installation Network

Tetrus is your one-stop LED outdoor lighting partner. We design, manufacture, and install your newly-acquired Tetrus lights. Thus, you don’t have to worry about installation, no matter where you are in the United States.

Our nationwide installation network consists of Tetrus-certified electricians that are equipped with years of trade-specific experience. As such, they can handle the most complex installation projects in a diligent, professional manner. Furthermore, they have fully-stocked bucket trucks as well as the right equipment, knowledge and expertise for the job.

However, you can always choose to have your own team of electricians install your new Tetrus fixtures for you. Our LED fixtures are quick and easy to install even by an electrician who is not familiar with Tetrus. As a result, you have the liberty to locate and work with the installation team of your choice.

Premium Service from a Premium Company

We want you to know that we’ve got you covered all the way. We promise that you never have to buy the whole fixture again. If any component of a Tetrus LED fixture malfunctions, we can replace it quickly inside or outside the warranty period. We use the same nationwide network of certified electricians to service your fixtures. Plus, our fixtures are so intelligently designed that any electrician can get inside very quickly and replace the defective part.

One-Trip Service

If one of our fixtures fails, you don’t need to get an electrician to check the fixture and pay for his trip and bucket. Moreover, you don’t even need to ship the fixture to us for us to see what is wrong with it. You only need to call us and inform us about what happened, and we can ship all the components directly to you.

Your electrician can replace the defective part with a new component that we’ve sent. You can then return to us the defective part along with the remaining components. Consequently, you only pay for a single trip.

We can also send an electrician to your location. They can replace the malfunctioning component in one trip since they keep a full stock of everything they might need in their trucks.

The Right Installation Package

Every business has its particular needs when it comes to lighting and installation services. We are always looking to provide our clients with the solution that suits their specific application. If you are considering purchasing our products and want to know more about our installation packages for your business, call us or request a quote for installation today! Our highly trusted customer service team will gladly assist you with finding the right installation package for your products.