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LED High Mast Lights

Industrially-hardened high mast lights that withstand the harshest environments and require exceptional durability and low maintenance

LED High Mast Lights

Quality high mast lights are essential to ensuring the illumination of a wide range of commercial and industrial facilities, including outdoor sports fields, freeway interchanges, roundabouts, transportation terminals, parking zones, stadiums and sports arenas, seaports, airports, oil field areas, offshore platforms, roadways, outdoor storage areas, as well as any other type of outdoor areas.

However, powering high mast lights using conventional lighting technologies, such as HID, generates tremendous costs, and, as such, many businesses are considering switching to LEDs that promise the ultra-efficient, low maintenance, clean illumination.

With mounting heights ranging from 60 ft to 120 ft and above, the LED fixtures generate a square or circular pattern to distribute the light uniformly over a maximum area or radius.

The TETRUS Difference

We make it our mission to keep updated to the latest advancements in the LED science and we engage in research and development, which enables us to provide you with the LED high mast lighting system that best suits the specific illumination and economic performance requirements of your business.

We are a people-company with a client-centered approach and, as such, we seek to become your go-to adviser when it comes to industrial and commercial high mast lighting, whether you intend to buy today, tomorrow, or ten years from now.

We believe that the only way to maintain a solid base of satisfied customers is to establish and nurture long-term relationships rather than strive to complete a one-time deal. The best way to develop such an ideal provider-client relationship is for us to deliver the best LED product, ensure an excellent customer experience, offer an all-under-one-roof solutions, and always do the right thing by you, our clients, no matter the hardships.

With these goals in main, we have designed the Tetrus high mast lighting fixture in such a way that it helps you overcome all of the pains related by conventional lighting as well as other LED lights. Here is the Tetrus difference:

Short payback and minimum maintenance costs due to a serviceable modular LED fixture

Out high mast fixtures are easy to get into and is quickly replaceable. The LED component inside our high mast fixtures is modular, which means that it consists of a p number of independent 50W LED modules that together achieve the desired wattage. You can always replace any module if it goes out while your facility continues to be lit via the remaining modules that continue to shine.
All components, including the LED modules, are standard across all fixtures and every Tetrus certified electrician have their trucks fully-stocked on each spare part for when you need it replaced inside or outside the warranty period. The serviceability, standardization of parts, as well as the modular LED component allow for minimum maintenance costs.

Industrial grade-quality that exceeds all industry standards

We manufacture our fixtures based on extensive research, prototyping, and testing so that our clients get the best possible product that exceeds by far all dust and moisture penetration, impact, shock, and vibration resistance standards.

Tetrus LED high mast lights withstand broad temperature ranges (-30°C to +60°C) as well as harsh weather conditions while maintaining a uniform light distribution. This exceptional durability extends the service life of our LED high mast lights to unmatched levels lowering your maintenance costs even more.  

Ultra-efficiency via a longer lifespan, higher lumen efficacy, and superior light distribution

The efficiency of our LED high mast fixtures comes from a set of features that complement each other. Our lights consume less energy than any other LEDs because they are equipped with the highest lumen output in the industry. Plus, you get only the light you need where you need when you need it via multi-patented light distribution patterns and cutting-edge control systems.

Our lights save you money because you only have to acquire the fixtures one time and we will take care of them well beyond warranty period.

Furthermore, given their industrial-grade durability, our lights are structurally engineered to last longer than other LEDs and deliver the same quality of light in the most extreme conditions.

Streamlined top-to-bottom solutions from installation to warranty, financing, and servicing.

 While we are certainly proud of the level of quality that we have achieved as far as our LED high mast fixtures are concerned, we dedicate the same level of commitment when it comes to our services and customer experience. The bottom line is that we are your one-stop industrial and commercial LED lighting provider.

We design, manufacture, sell, finance, install, honor warranties, and service our lights. No passing the blame to third party contractors. We work via a nationwide network of certified electricians with fully-stocked bucket trucks that can handle your installation and will handle your service needs every time.

LED High Mast Light: A New Era

HID units and ballasts must be replaced frequently, which triggers high maintenance costs considering that high mast lights populate rough work sites. Given their warm up and cool down requirements, businesses can lose around nine hours a month just waiting for the lamps to fully turn on.

Also, HID starts shifting colors with aging, which determines operators to proceed with changing them well before they actually die, shortening their lifespan further.

The way that HID lamps generate light makes HID units very frangible, and very harmful in case the bulbs that contain dangerous gases crack or break, which represents a great risk for hazardous and rugged settings. The lower lumen output as well as being omnidirectional make HIDs the least efficient lighting solution when compared to LEDs.

The Bottom Line

LEDs are constructed based on semiconductor materials that create light via electroluminescence, which takes harmful gases or loose filaments out of the equation. Hence, LEDs are very heavy-duty able to withstand rough treatment, direct contact, vibration, and unpredictable elements.

If your facility requires new high mast lights or if you are interested in retrofitting your existing lights and reaping the benefits of LED, call us or schedule a meeting today! We are your trusted adviser so feel free to contact us today and learn more LED high mast lighting products and solutions.