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High Bay Lights

Quality high bay lighting is essential to operating your business efficiently and ensuring facility safety!

LED High Bay Lights: The Best Option For Your Commercial Buildings Looking at how LED high bay lights can provide better quality lighting, increase employee productivity and help you save on costs

LED high bay lights are basically made for commercial buildings which have mid to high ceilings. They are ideal fixtures for manufacturing areas, warehouses, storage spaces, gymnasiums and barns. The reason being is that these lighting fixtures have very high lumen... Read More

LED High Bay Lights: Your Best Bet For Industrial and Commercial Lighting Taking a look at LED high bay lights and how they can efficiently provide you and your business the best lighting system for the best price

High bay lights may be a familiar fixture for you visually if you own a huge industrial or commercial site. You most likely may not use that term if you needed to explain your lighting system though. But to define them, they are lighting fixtures made and installed... Read More

High-Bay Lighting: Here’s Why The Right Type Of Light Counts Looking at several types of lights for your high-bay lighting and which one is the best for your needs

  What is high-bay lighting? If you’re looking into retrofitting your lights, it’s most likely that you’ve come across this term. To truly understand this term we’re going into detail about what is the high-bay light, where do you use them and are they actually... Read More

Looking At Some LED High Bay Lighting Benefits Taking a quick look at three benefits of LED high bay lighting versus other traditional high bay lights

  When you’re looking at a warehouse, gymnasium, factory or any huge open space with high ceilings, the high bay is the best fixture to install. A majority of high bay and low bay lights that are installed still use HID (high-intensity discharge) lamps. They... Read More

Utilizing High Bay LED Lighting In Commercial Complexes Choosing high bay LED lighting for your commercial complexes is the best choice you can make

    High bay LED lighting would be your best bet when you’re thinking about lighting mid to high ceiling complexes. These complexes would typically be warehouses, storage spaces, gymnasiums and manufacturing areas. And Tetrus has an assortment of high bay... Read More