Products: LED lighting for every business

Parking lot LED light

LED Parking Lot Lighting

Quality parking lot lights increase more than just visibility and security; they increase sales. Customers will thank you for providing them a safe environment to park their cars. You’ll also save up to 75% on your current lighting option by switching to LEDs!

LED Parking Garage Lighting

The light emitted from LEDs has color properties that more closely match sunlight, resulting in a brighter and better looking parking garage. This saves money while improving safety for employees and customers.
Parking garage LED light
LED street light

LED Street Lighting

Cities and municipalities can drastically change the way they light residential streets, freeways, and expressways. Tetrus LEDs warm color temperatures transform streets while improving efficiency.

LED Wall Packs

You can rely on our LED Wall Packs when illuminating loading areas, parking areas, driveways, sidewalks and facades. Wall Packs can brighten up the area while saving big on energy costs.
LED wall packs
LED Canopy lighting

LED Canopy Lighting

We designed our LED Canopy Lights with longevity and efficiency in mind. Not only will your gas station or other properties be properly lit, but it will also be extremely cost efficient.

LED High Bay Lighting

Retail stores, warehouses, and other facilities rely on high bay lights. Tetrus LED provides top quality High Bay Lights at great prices and even better maintenance and energy savings.
High Bay lighting LED