LED Science: What Makes LEDs The Best For Lighting?

LEDs have been around for quite a while, and have been highly engineered as result of that. We have found that LEDs can save you tons of money on your electric and maintenance bills. They are also much, much brighter than traditional lighting. But how is all of this possible? Read on as we dig deeper into what makes LED lighting the best.

How Are LEDs So Bright?

In short, LED lights are so bright because they have a high lumen to watt score. This means that they pack more lumens per watt than traditional lighting. 

Since lumens are measures of visible light, this means that LEDs will naturally look much brighter. However, LEDs can also look much brighter in comparison to fluorescent and incandescent bulbs because the other two just aren’t as bright.

So if you are used to having these dimmer light sources around, when you are exposed to the bright light of LEDs, it will seem much brighter.

Why Are LEDs So Cost Effective?

Upfront, LEDs look to be much more expensive than their competitors. However, you hear talk about these money saving light fixtures. Heck, we’ve even seen it for ourselves! Our average customer saves $2,600 a month when switching to 100 LED parking lot lights.

So what makes them cost effective? They cost less to run, and don’t require as much maintenance.

To put this into perspective, we turned to our friends over at LED Evolution to see what they had to say. Their findings can be found in the image below.

So in short, LEDs are much more expensive up front. However, they cost much less to maintain, much less to run, and last much longer than their competitors.

How Much Could You Save By Switching?

As we said before, for 100 parking lot lights, we see an average savings of $2,600 a month. Imagine the number that comes to over the lifetime of your LED lighting, which is 100,000 hours. Want to know more about how much you can save for your lighting setup? Contact us today. We’d be happy to show you how much you can save by switching to Tetrus LED lighting.